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iMovie, Video

Import Video into iMovie


1 – Computer (Mac)

1 – iMovie Software (Pre-installed on Mac OSX)

1 – Video Camera

1 – External Hard Drive


  1. Make sure that your external hard drive is connected to your computer.
  2. Select File → Open Library → New.
  3. Name the library in the Save As box in window that opens.
  4. In the where box, select your external hard drive (Note: you may have to click the down arrow next to Save As to see your external hard drive). Click Save.
  5. The library will appear in the Libraries section of the iMovie window.
  6. You may now right click the default iMovie Library and select Close Library.
  7. Insert the SD Card from your video camera into the computer’s SD Card reader. Alternately, you can connect the USB cable from the camera to the computer.
  8. A window will open that displays all the video clips stored on the SD Card.
  9. To import one video clip, select the cideo clip you wish to import and select Import Selected.
  10. To import some but not all, hold Command on the keyboard, and select the clips your would like to import, then press Import Selected.
  11. To import all, deselect all clips (by clicking in the blank space where there are no videos) and press Import All.
  12. The clips will be imported and placed in the events section of the iMovie window. The circles on each video clips show the progress of the import.

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