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Create a Freeze Frame in iMovie


1 – Computer (Mac OS)

1 – Apple’s iMovie program

1 – Video clip(s) that you want to get a freeze frame from


  1. Open iMovie
  2. Go to File → New Movie, or click the New (+) button and choose Movie
  3. Select a Theme (to keep it simple choose No Theme), then click the Create, and give your movie a name.
  4. Now you’ll import your video clip(s) that you want to get a still image (“freeze frame”) from. Go to FileImport Media… or drag the video into the Event area.
  5. Next select the clips that you have imported by highlighting them all with the mouse
  6. Once clip or clips are selected, drag them into your Timeline or press the E key on your keyboard. All the clips will move into your timeline.
  7. Now that your clip is in the timeline, play the clip and find the frame you want to have as a still image (“freeze frame”).
  8. Move the timeline indicator to that frame and click the mouse to lock it down.
  9. Now choose the Modify Menu and select Add Freeze Frame. This will add a 4 second still image to the timeline.
  10. Once it’s in your timeline, you are able to adjust the length of the freeze frame by dragging the edge of the clip left or right.

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