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Audacity Audio Editor

Audacity – It’s an audio file editor. Just go get it!

The Audacity Manual

We have a few Audacity Tips to help beginners with using Audacity.

Oral History in the Digital Age – A nice resource for both audio and video projects. While the title refers to Oral History, there are tons of articles on get started working with, and best practices for digital audio or video. Start with the article/video on Achieving Good Audio Recording Levels.

Some sites to search for royalty-free, or Creative Commons music:

  • – Free Music for Commercial Projects, where “you already have permission” to use music for your YouTube videos and other creations.
  • Free Music Archive – The FMA is back! While it doesn’t currently offer the creation of accounts for bookmarking and curating collections as before, you can still search for Creative Commons music for your projects. Also take a look at the FAQ for Educators to see how you can legally use the music for free.
  • Incompetech – Royalty free music
  • YouTube Audio Library – Obviously to use on YouTube
  • Internet Audio Archive – Part of the Internet Archive site

Some resources for getting started with your own podcast:

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