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Produce an Instant Podcast from an iPhone

Audioboo for Instant Podcasts from umwnewmedia on Vimeo.


1 – An iPhone with access to the Internet (WiFi or 3G)

1 – A WordPress blog hosted on a web server (example uses Bluehost and has “Simple Script” installation script) with FTP access

1 – The FeedWordPress plugin installed on the WordPress blog

1 – The AudioBoo App for the iPhone

1 – An account at


  1. These directions will assume you have a working WordPress installation with the FeedWordPress plugin already installed, and also the AudioBoo app and site already configured.
  2. Make a recording with your AudioBoo App on the iPhone. Start the app, click the Record icon then Start. Make you recording 5 minutes or less. Hit the Pause button to stop recording and then Publish when you’re ready to upload your file. You’ll need to fill out a few bits of information (a title, some tags, and a photo if you wish).
  3. The file will begin to upload to the website. Progress is shown on the iPhone.
  4. When the AudioBoo app says it’s done uploading, your audio file should be available almost immediately at the AudioBoo website.
  5. The FeedWordPress plugin is now used to transfer (syndicate) the files at the AudioBoo website to the WordPress blog that you have chosen. You can set the plugin to syndicate the files automatically, or manually.

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  1. Great stuff. If you love Audioboo check out two sites I built on top of that platform: (allows users to search, filter and organise sonic content) and (an extension of the engine geared at mainstream journalists).

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