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Creating a Camera Archive in Final Cut Pro X


1 – Computer (Mac)

1 – Video Camera with SD Card, or USB cable connection

1 – Final Cut Pro X Software


  1. Open Final Cut Pro X
  2. Insert the SD Card from the video camera into the computer’s SD Card Reader. Alternatively, you can connect the USB cable from your camcorder to your computer.
  3. If the Import Media window doesn’t open automatically, click the Import Mediabutton (The down arrow icon on the left side of the toolbar).
  4. Select the appropriate camera icon from the Camera listing and then click Create Archive… in the lower left corner.
  5. Navigate to where you would like to save the archived video files.
  6. Name the archive and click Create.
  7. Once the progress circle by the camera name has filled completely, you may “eject” the camera and then remove the SD Card or disconnect the USB cable.
  8. To import media from your archive, click the Import Media button, navigate to where you saved the archive, and double-click the archive icon to import the media just as if your camera was physically connected.
  9. NOTE – You can read and import from a Camera Archive in either Final Cut Pro X or iMovie.

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