NMC 2011

The 2011 NMC Summer Conference was held June 15-18 in Madison, Wisconsin and hosted by the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Keynote presenters for the conference were Ahna Skop, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Department of Genetics, presenting “Too Creative for Science”, as well as the closing plenary session featuring Vinton G. Cerf and his remarks on “The Internet of Things”.

I’m Andy Rush, and I welcome you to my presentation – The Live Web Video One-Man Band. I presented this session using “The Kit” on Friday June 17, 2011 at 1:00PM.

Colleges and universities have recently begun to struggle with the task of delivering web video, both live and recorded, to the various communities that it serves. This presentation provides an overview of a pilot program aimed at providing the University of Mary Washington with a comprehensive, and inexpensive, video production platform. That platform includes live video broadcasting and recording, archiving, and video publishing. These services build on the already successful publishing platform UMW Blogs, which utilizes the open source WordPress software.

The presentation highlights how we uniquely approach the task of integrating video in our learning environment, and emphasizes how important openly sharing content is in creating a vibrant learning community. We demonstrated a “live broadcasting kit” that provides everything needed to broadcast and record almost any event. Numerous examples were provided for how we have thus far produced video broadcasts and recordings for the university community. We also shared some of the tools employed in the video production process. We also encourage the audience to share any experiences they have had.

Similar to last year’s “This Old New Media Center” we once again used a live TV show format, but a different combination of hardware and software. We broadcasted the live stream as well as recorded the show. You see the archive of the show above. The audience was able to see the show up on the big screen as well as on their laptops.

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