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Compress photos in a PowerPoint presentation

Watch a screencast of this recipe.


1 – Computer

1 – Original PowerPoint presentation file

1 – PowerPoint program ( for this example, PowerPoint 2007)


  1. Open the original PowerPoint presentation in PowerPoint 2007.
  2. Click on the “Office button” and choose Save As…
  3. Choose from either the standard PowerPoint presentation, PowerPoint Show, or an PowerPoint 97-2003.
  4. The Save As window is where you will either keep the same name for the file, or give your presentation a new name if you want to keep the original (we recommend this).
  5. Next to the Save button is a Tools button with a drop-down menu. Choose Compress Pictures… from this menu.
  6. Click the Options button. Under Compression Options , make sure “Automatically perform basic compression on save”, and “Delete cropped areas of pictures” are checked.
  7. Under Target Options , choose E-mail (96ppi) to create the smallest file possible ( if the quality of the pictures becomes an issue, you can choose a higher quality).
  8. Click OK to close Options, then click OK to close the Compress Pictures window.
  9. Finally, click the Save button to complete the process. The resulting file should considerably smaller, depending on how many pictures you have in the presentation.

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