Embed YouTube Video and PowerPoint Into Blackboard


1 – Computer with access to the Internet

1 – Instructor access to a Blackboard course (the screencast features BB Enterprise 8 )

1 – Optional – Accounts with YouTube and SlideShare to upload your own videos and presentations


  1. You will need to obtain the “Embed code” from individual video pages from YouTube, or from individual presentation pages at SlideShare.net. On the web page that contains the media, next to each video or presentation is a field labeled “Embed Code”. That code is easily copied, and then can be pasted into the appropriate web page, blog, or Blackboard content area.
  2. From the Control Panel, navigate to the area in your Blackboard course where you would like to place the RSS information.
  3. Click on the Add (+) Item button to create a new content item.
  4. Provide a name for the content item (required)
  5. In the Text editor click on the “Toggle HTML Source Mode” button
  6. Paste the Embed code from the YouTube video page or SlideShare page into the text field (you can overwrite anything that is initially in the text field)
  7. Click on the Submit button
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